TA450AC: Last-published documentation of ac-powered, 119mm x 38mm tube axial cooling fans in the discontinued Nidec TA450AC series is available here.

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A30769 30769 A30769-10 A30769-10ED17 A30769-20 A30769-24 A30769-24PV

A30925 30925 A30925-10 A30925-24 A30925-24PV

A30390 30390 A30390-10 A30390-10DG A330390-10PP

A30426 30426 A30426-10 A30426-1IB A30426-10DG

A30108 30108 A30108-10 A30108-10PP A30108-10U A30108-20 A30108-70

A28678 28678 A28678-10 A28678-10ED22 A28678-10SP A28678-10WP A28678-70 A28678-89 A28678-89APC A28678-89LIE

A30926 30926 A30926-10 A30926-20 A30926-55 A30926-55BOS

A30927 30927 A30927-10 A30927-20

A30443 30443 A30443-10

A30444 30444 A30444-10

A30122 30122 A30122-10 A30122-10ADC A30122-10DG A30122-10SIM A30122-10SIM1 A30122-51 A30122-51NOR A30122-70

A30135 30135 A30135-10 A30135-10ADC A30135-10SIM A30135-10SIM1 A30135-10STC A30135-70 A30135-89 A30135-89APC

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